Due to the sensitive nature of its dossiers, Bloodhound has decided that it will keep staff and board numbers as small as possible. The organisation's primary objective is to produce results rather than develop a brand or bureaucracy.


Bloodhound's board currently comprises Director Phil Clarke and Chairman Andreas Höfer Petersen. Phil runs Bloodhound on a day to day basis, produces its research, and ensures that accounts are kept in order. Andreas overseas financial reporting. Two electronic signatures are required for all financial transactions (such as paying bills).


Bloodhound will no longer proactively seek funding from foundations or institutions but welcomes spontaneous donations for its work.




Bloodhound's day to day research, administrative and media matters are run on a volunteer pro-bono basis by Director Phil Clarke, who can be contacted by email on pc (a) bloodhound (dot) se


Please note that due to time pressure and limited resources, Bloodhound cannot guarantee to respond to all enquiries.



Bloodhound has/is currently investigating the following subjects:

  • Africa Oil in Puntland, culminating in a filing to the Swedish Economic Crime Authority
  • Lundin Oil/Petroleum in Sudan, culminating in the report Justifying Blood Money

  • Darfur crisis, culminating in the report The Scorched Earth of Darfur

  • War crimes in Africa (currently still at the research stage)





Bloodhound is a voluntary organisation and so cannot guarantee to respond to all contacts due to time commitments.


Preferred contact is by email, and can be sent to info (at) bloodhound (dot) se


Postal correspondence should be sent to:



Dronningensgade 14

1420 Copenhagen C



During times of press conferences Bloodhound can also be contacted on +45 60 52 75 00



Director Phil Clarke can be contacted to give lectures about the work of Bloodhound. These talks are illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation with photographs, that will be tailor-made to the required audience, and usually therefore involves a lot of preparation time. A basic fee of 950 euros per lecture is therefore charged, together with an additional 350 euros per extra day spent travelling, as well as all travel and accommodation costs payable in advance.

Inquiries about Bloodhound lectures can be sent by e-mail to Phil Clarke on pc (at) bloodhound dot dk

Philip Clarke has previously lectured about the work of Bloodhound at Cambridge University and at the Free University of Brussels in conjunction with the Harvard Human Rights Initiative. He is also a regular guest lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, and has taught at Masters level about some of the techniques developed by Bloodhound.



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